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deleted history / Inherited earth

What is unusual about the 1800’s? Are you aware of the extreme lack of Adults/Parents and the extreme overflow of orphans? What could have possibly happened to result in this unusual population? Cities at 1/20th capacity. Beautiful buildings and construction with fabricated history, of not only the builders, but when they were built. There are many questions out there for those that are waking up. There are narratives that not everyone can accept, even I have difficulty with them, but I still dig. The first hard to grasp concept is the whole flat earth thing. I want you to know you don’t have to accept that to dig into the questions stated above. But for a lot of people, that is a starting point, the tangents that come off some research can be mind blowing when you start to see the blurry truth.

Yandex search for Lost History of Flat Earth

The Video is over 5 hours long, and presents a lot of questions about our world.

You can discard the entire flat earth part if you like. This is not indoctrination. I am not telling you anything, I just want you asking questions.

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Some things to research.

1: Tartar / Tartaria / Tartarians.

2: Orphan epidemic of 1800’s

3: Empty cities

4: 1st floors of many many buildings covered in mud / fallacy of new construction.

5: Giants; not pituitary disorders.

6: Sumerians, Phoenicians etc. ( @HoffsNightmare pinned post )

7: An age. Oh yes I’m serious ( Dawning )

8: This page is still under construction, there is a lot to  put in here, but I want to publish it now for people that want to start.


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